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Paper published!

March 2023.

Mireia's paper is officially published!

And the icing on the cake: Alice's image is 

featured as the cover illustration on the issue! 

"Zebrafish Galectin 3 binding protein is the target antigen of the microglial 4C4 monoclonal antibody" Check it out here

graduation Omid.jpg

PhD Thesis!

January 2023.

Another PhD holder is born: congratulations to Omid for successfully defending his doctoral thesis! 

"Characterisation of the Chemerin Axis in the Zebrafish Model 


New Grant!

December 2022.

Our project on "Neuronal regulation of microglia" is selected by the FNRS!

We have a fully funded three-year postdoc position available to work on this exciting project, reach out if interested.

72 hpf.tiff

Paper accepted!

October 2022.


And the final version of the paper is out! Congratulations to Mireia and everyone involved for helping to solve this OLD mystery! 

"Zebrafish Galectin 3 binding protein is the target antigen of the microglial 4C4 monoclonal antibody"   Check it out here



September 2022.


The lab is attending the 15th meeting of the Zebrafish Disease Models Society held in Sheffield (UK). Four days of exciting science, inspiring discussions, and wonderful company, including a great reunion with former lab member Giuliano!


New Fellowships!

July 2022.

Congratulations to both Aysu and Pauline for being awarded an Aspirant PhD Fellowship from the FNRS! 


Master Thesis!

June 2022.

Congratulations to Pauline who brilliantly passed her Master thesis defense! A big thank you for your terrific work in the group. And now, en route for the PhD!   

Reading a book

New Preprint!

April 2022.

Pleased to share our new preprint, where we characterise the target antigen of 4C4, a mAb widely used by the zebrafish community to label microglia and macrophages! 

Check it out on bioRxiv here.

graduation Elodie.jpg

PhD Thesis!

April 2022.

Congratulations to Elodie on defending her PhD thesis with flying colors!

"The Chemerin System in Zebrafish and its Roles in Carcinogenesis"


PhD Thesis!

January 2022.

Congratulations to Giuliano on becoming a PhD holder, the first one of the lab! It has been an amazing trip and you crossed the finish line like a champion!

"Cellular Dynamics and Molecular Regulation of Microglia Development: Insights from the Zebrafish Model"


New Grant!

January 2022.

Our lab is awarded a Grant from the Fondation Recherche Alzheimer to investigate the functions of a new candidate gene associated with a pathological microglial signature in Alzheimer’s disease.

We have a fully funded three-year postdoc position available to work on this exciting project!


New Publication!

January 2022.


Our lab is delighted to be a part of this amazing story led by our collaborators Martin Guilliams and Charlotte Scott and published in Cell . Check the single-cell analysis across 7 species, including zebrafish, which identified a conserved core gene expression signature of Kuppfer cells, the hepatic macrophages!

Check it out here.

Untitled (13).png

New Publication!

December 2020.


Our latest study, uncovering the colony-stimulating factor 1 receptor b (csf1rbparalog as a unique regulator of adult microglia development in zebrafish is published at Development !   

Check it out here


Call for Postdoc!

September 2020.

We are seeking a postdoc to join our team and work on the roles of microglia in brain repair and regeneration.

The position is available immediately for three years (subjected to satisfactory review every year).

Check the Opportunities page for more info.


New Grant!

July 2020.

Our lab is awarded an ARC consolidator grant to investigate "Immune-mediated mechanisms driving brain repair and regeneration"!


Stay tuned as one postdoc position will soon be available ! 


New publication!

May 2020.

Our review with Julien Bertrand on yolk sac hematopoiesis is out in Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences !   


New Fellowship!

July 2020.


Congratulations to Alice for being awarded an Aspirant PhD Fellowship from the FNRS! 

figure 2.tiff

New Publication!

March 2020.


Thrilled that our newest work, led by Giuliano and in collaboration with the team of Julien Bertrand, is published in Journal of Leukocyte Biology !   

Image by Jason Leung

New Fellowship!

July 2019.


Congratulations to Mireia for being awarded a Postdoctoral Researcher grant from the FNRS! 

figure 2.tiff

New Publication!

May 2020.


Our collaborative work with the group of Tjakko van Ham is out at eLife!  New insights into the role of csf1r during macrophage development and into metaphocytes, a recently discovered population of macrophage-like cells. Congratulations to all involved! 

figure 3.tiff

1st Publication!

July 2018.


The first publication of our lab is finally published in Cell Reports ! Congratulations to Giuliano and all authors for the great work delineating microglia ontogeny during zebrafish development! 


New Fellowship!

August 2019.


Congratulations to Magali for being awarded a PhD Fellowship from the Belgian Kid's Fund! 


New Fellowship!

July 2016.


Congratulations to Giuliano for being awarded an Aspirant PhD Fellowship from the FNRS! 


New Fellowship!

December 2015.


Congratulations to Omid for being awarded a PhD Fellowship from the FRIA! 


New Grant!

July 2015.

Our lab is awarded a WELBIO Starting grant to study the "Ontogeny of microglia, the resident macrophages of the central nervous system"!



New Fellowship!

December 2014.


Congratulations to Elodie for being awarded a PhD Fellowship from the FRIA! 

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